Work Less Wednesday: Turn off the Notifications!

Our plan is to share with you one tip every Wednesday to help you achieve balance in your life. How does your inbox look right now? Mine has ZERO unread! I’m not saying that to brag. It really makes me feel accomplished to have an empty inbox. I don’t spend hours upon hours on email, either!

Unread EmailsToday I’m not going to talk about email, though. I’m going to talk about a quick step you can take to start you headed in the right direction. I started a few weeks ago with just taking the notifications off of my phone. I found that I am a slave to those little icons up on the top of my phone. I always had to have it clear! If there was an email or a Facebook icon up there I HAD to check in. Not only that, but all the constant buzzing notifications that I was getting had my phone in my hand constantly! Since turning off notifications I found that I’m able to engage with my family more and my phone WAY less. I love the freedom I’ve found from my phone. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true!

You can see on the top of my phone now the only icons are things I can’t get to come off plus Toggl, which we will get to on another Work Less Wednesday. (For quick reference, it’s a time tracking tool.) You can learn more about turning off notifications here: Android and Apple.

Are you a slave to your notifications? Try turning them off for a week and come back and let me know if you feel better. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Turn off those notifications and then go out and Live your Balanced Life!



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