The Moment of Truth

FaithQuoteIts hard to get out of a life you are in. When everyone knows your name, knows your faults, your insecurities, your talents, your level of integrity, your experience, and your perceptions. The truth is no one knows any of this.

We find ourselves so scared of the unknown that mediocrity is comfortable. The daily struggle of money, work, and family is comfortable because we can predict for the most part, what comes tomorrow. Although it may not make us happy, it makes us comfortable.
It is in only realizing that our mundane, lame, repetitive existence is a sin and is as much a mortal sin as denouncing God’s existence. It was he who provided the opportunities we choose to ignore and shun away from. If we only really understood true love. The fact is love starts with yourself. You will never truly love someone else until you can love yourself and love what God has gifted the world with through you.
These words can so easily be construed as egotistical praising of one’s self and placing one’s self on some sort of pedestal.
Look inside, look at the real difference you make and more so, can make for others. This is your calling and to deny the world of this is a sin and an attitude of true ego. Who are you to deny the world of the talents and gifts that God has created through you.
Wake up, get up, detach yourself from worldly things and start thinking bigger. Bigger is not a strong enough or enough of a metaphoric word to describe it. Think impossibly and act impossibly but with the faith of knowing as strongly as you know that you will take your next breath.
Nothing is guaranteed, even your next breath. Know you can accomplish the impossible so you can make it possible. Know it now, this moment, and don’t waste another second, another breath believing differently. This is your one chance, because to find this inspiration, it is rare, and to see it through is even more rare. This is only because we are comfortable with that which is not so scary. What can you be? That is scary because the truth may wake you up to the time you have wasted so far. Last chance!

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