Reading List for April

As April comes closer, I am pulling together a list of books I want to finish before the end of the month. Once I finish a book I will give you a review here on our site to let you know if you should check it out and how it will relate to your journey to Work Less and Live More! I’ve already gotten a jump start on the 31 Days to a Happy Husband, so I know I’ll get that book complete by the end of April! I don’t have Living With Less So Your Family Has More, yet, I’m hoping to get it from the library soon!


31 Days to a Happy Husband: What a Man Needs Most from His Wife

What does a man need most from his wife? Arlene Pellicane, author of 31 Days to a Younger You, asked numerous husbands that question. Based on their answers, Pellicane identified five keys that will give wives a new appreciation and understanding of how to love and care for their mates.

  • Domestic tranquility–A husband needs a peaceful haven.
  • Respect–A husband needs to be honored in his home.
  • Eros–A husband needs a fulfilling sex life.
  • Attraction–A husband needs to be attracted to his wife.
  • Mutual activities–A husband needs to have fun with his wife.

Along with identifying a husband’s needs, Pellicane provides practical instruction to motivate and equip wives to show their husbands the care and affection they long for. Every day a wife is either building her husband up or tearing him down. This book offers wives a 31-day, no holding back, life-changing building program for their marriages.


Pretty Neat: The Buttoned-Up Way to Get Organized and Let Go of Perfection
Negative self-image. Fantasy-induced overspending. Marital tension. A new kind of airbrushed concoction is wreaking havoc on homes and psyches, and Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore have a name for it: org porn. It’s in magazines, coffee table books, advertisements, and TV shows, promoting a perfect — and entirely imaginary — world in which everything is always pristine, serene, and flawlessly organized. Pretty Neat is a handbook that embraces the chaotic reality that lies beneath org porn’s glossy veneer, offering pithy anecdotes and candid advice from experts and real women alike on tackling organizational inertia. Funny, irreverent, entertaining, and helpful, the book covers all facets of clutter-control, from tried-and-true tips for conquering to-do lists and wrangling family schedules to ideas on excavating inboxes, eliminating excuses, and delegating housework. Most importantly, Pretty Neat insists that women need to stop holding themselves to impossibly high standards, and focus instead on defining their own, realistic organizational goals. Full of engaging examples from everyday women,Pretty Neat offers readers unorthodox, surprisingly simple methods to reduce their org porn–fueled stress, insisting that perfection is impossible — and unnecessary — in this messy, unpredictable world called real life.


Living With Less So Your Family Has More

Our culture believes that bigger is better, but Jill and Mark Savage believe that being satisfied with less materially can allow you to give your family more — emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

Jill and Mark Savage, a husband and wife team who have made it on less than society says they need for more than twenty years, lay out a three-step plan for investing in the things that really matter. First, they help you identify a long-term vision for your family, and then they show you the attitudes that you’ll need to adopt to make that vision a reality. They then share practical action steps to help you make small and big changes — from organizing coupons more effectively to changing a career path or transitioning to a smaller home. Whether your goal is allowing both parents to cut back work hours and stress, making it financially feasible for one parent to stay home full-time, or simply carving out more time in the day for family, Living With Less So Your Family Has More will help you get there.

Sprinkled with true stories from families who have used Jill and Mark’s techniques for living richly, the Savages’ honest, straightforward, in-the-trenches approach will inspire and encourage you to live well while still putting your family first.

Have you read any good books recently that I could add to my list of books to read?

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