MMM: Words are Powerful Tools

I Love YouSometimes as married couples we hold “I love you” away from our spouses as a punishment. For example, there are times that I will call to check in with Charlie to find out when he will be home from work. He tells me he’s running late and it makes me mad. As we hang up, he says, “I love you.” I have the tendency of getting so mad that I don’t feel like saying “I love you” and say something like “yeah” or “whatever” and hang up. Not only is it hurtful to my husband, but could you imagine how much guilt I would feel if something happened to him and I didn’t tell him how much I love him? I haven’t done this in a while, because I honestly haven’t been angry with him much lately, but I need to make sure I stop doing this to him.

My sister in law mentioned one day that she was tired of the only reason she calls her husband during the day is to find out when he was going to be home. So one day she put herself and the kids on speaker phone, gave him a call, and sang “I just called to say I love you!” I’m sure that little bit of goofiness and show of love brightened his day. Words can be very powerful. They can lift you up or bring you down. They can ruin your entire day or brighten your whole life. Be intentional and loving in what you say to your spouse. If you are angry, it’s ok to say “I’m angry right now, but I still love you very much.” Do you ever just call your spouse during the day with some encouragement or to tell him or her that you love them? My challenge to you this week is to call your spouse and give them some encouragement one time during the day. If your spouse can’t receive calls at work, email him, pack him a card in his lunch, just do a little something to let him know you love him. I’ll leave you with some cheesy Stevie Wonder 🙂

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