MMM: Hearts at Home Conference Workshop 2


31 daysThe second workshop I attended while away at the Hearts at Home Conference was 31 Days to a Happier Husband. I’m still working my way through the book that Arlene Pellicone wrote. I love that it is just a small chapter to read every morning. It’s easy to fit into my morning routine because it only takes a few minutes to get through. I want to share with you my notes from the workshop because I really loved her message.

31 Days to a Happier Husband  with Arlene Pellicone

You may have noticed I’m reading Arlene’s book 31 Days to a Happy Husband: What a Man Needs Most from His Wife on my April Book List. She really spoke to me in her session and I’m constantly working towards making sure my husband is happy and well taken care of. Arlene uses the acronym DREAM to describe what you need to do to take care of your husband:

D- Domestic Tranquility. Make your home look like a house where adults live. Make it so your husband comes home to a haven. Even if you have the worst day in the world embrace him and welcome him before throwing everything at him. Make sure he is appreciated and noticed. They want to feel not only successful at work, but at home as well. Proverbs 13:1….

R- Respect. Wives submit to your husband as on to the lord. The wife should respect the husband. I believe in you, I will follow you. Don’t let disrespect ruin your family. Praise mediocre or the man will stop doing things for you.

E – Eros. (Eros is the God of Love) A lot of times the last thing on our mind is the first thing on their mind. When you have a healthy sexual relation the man feels like he’s doing a good job. Don’t look at sex as a duty to be performed. Nothing turns on a man more than a turned on woman. Having sex with your husband is not a burden! When you make love you both have a surge of oxytocin. Parents that do not schedule sex do not have sex! Take some things off your plate so you have time for your husband. In order to connect with your husband you should share a 5-30 second kiss every day.

A – Attraction. Be the best version of yourself as possible. Take pains to look something like the woman that he married. It means a lot to him when you are healthy and take care of yourself. Men are very visually stimulated. If your husband likes you in red, put on red. Be considerate to your husband. Have the attitude that you want to keep attracting your husband.

M – Mutual Activities. Be there to do things that he wants to do. Doing activities together is better than marriage counseling. Date again! You have to have a life with your husband away from your children. Schedule “I can hardly waits” on your calendar; they are not about money, it’s about consideration. The I can hardly waits don’t have to be expensive, it can be a trip to the local book store for an hour or coffee shop to just hold hands and drink coffee but to be away from everything else!

As a wife are you doing what you can to make your husband happy? What are some things you do for your husband to make him feel loved, welcome, and happy in your home? Be sure to check back next week for my third workshop: Leading and connecting with your kids in a wireless world.

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