MMM: Hearts at Home Conference Workshop 1

Lighten UpIf you’re just stumbling along and found yourself here, I’m doing a series of posts on my trip to the Hearts at Home Conference. In order to keep the posts somewhat short, I wanted to make it a series. I hope this series helps to motivate you to work for your marriage and not just go about your day to day.

Living and Laughing Together with Ken Davis

Ken Davis is the author of Lighten Up and Live: 90 Light Hearted Devotions to Brighten Your Day, which is totally on my “to read” list after I finish 31 Days to a Happier Husband. Ken’s talks are extremely motivational and funny! I love a comedian that doesn’t have to be crude in order to make you laugh. During this workshop Ken not only made us laugh, but he did a great job of making me think. He talked about how confession isn’t just good for one soul. When you say you are sorry to your kids they learn that you are human! They learn that you should apologize when you do something wrong. Walk the talk with your kids! Don’t just tell them they need to apologize but then never apologize when you’re wrong. There was a study done asking teenagers what they want to hear from their parents: 1) I love you and 2) I’m sorry, I was wrong. Are you telling your teenager that you love them? Maybe they don’t just need to hear it, but see it. Learn their love language in order to show them that you love them!

Let your children watch your conflict in your marriage! Let them see that marriage isn’t just sunshine and roses. They need to see the conflict and the resolution. It will help them in future relationships to see how to communicate with people. His quote was “When they see you admit your own fallacies they know that God is the witness of change.”

The last note he left us with was “Silence is not golden. In a family, silence is deadly. Keep the lines of communication open.” Find time with your family. Make a family meal night. If you don’t have evenings available, make it a breakfast. Just find time to communicate! Don’t just ask how the other person’s day was and leave it at that, though. Ask the probing questions; the deep questions. Be the parent and spouse God chose you to be.

Are you open to apologizing to your kids? What do you do to make sure you have family communication time? Do you have a family meeting once a week or a set family meal day and time? I’d love to hear more about your communication in your household. Please be sure to check in next week for workshop 2: 31 Days to a Happier Husband.


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