Live Hanging Above The Net!

Sometimes opportunities come unexpectedly and when you realize what is in front of you, you may hesitate out of fear. Consciously change this about yourself one step at a time. In stead of stepping back on an opportunity out of fear, step up to it knowing you are afraid but are going to do it anyways. Start by doing one thing like this and reach out to me at and tell me what it was you did. One step at a time will help build habits to make bigger changes in your life.

Going 50 ft. in the air was without a doubt scary, but doing it once, twice, and three times (scared each time) proved to myself that I had the control over the fear and have the ability to push through any feelings like these in the future. It is a decision each and every time.

Go “Be the change you want to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi Make changes in your life and help build towards helping others make changes.

Thanks to Nick Unsworth and Life On Fire as well as Trapeze High for the experience of a lifetime.

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