Procrastinate Much?

For many years I struggled with procrastination always burdened by the stress as I would feverishly work to complete a task prior to a deadline. Over the years, after many different business trainings, numerous books, countless blog posts, and life experiences, I have come to the conclusion that my problem wasn’t procrastination and instead, procrastination […]

The Moment of Truth

Its hard to get out of a life you are in. When everyone knows your name, knows your faults, your insecurities, your talents, your level of integrity, your experience, and your perceptions. The truth is no one knows any of this. We find ourselves so scared of the unknown that mediocrity is comfortable. The daily […]

MMM: Hearts at Home Conference Workshop 3

Today is talking about the third workshop that I attended at Hearts at Home. It was a panel put on by Kathy Koch, Dr. Gary Chapman, and Arlene Pellicane called Leading and connecting with your kids in a wireless world. The books featured in this talk were: Growing Up Social: Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World and […]

MMM: Hearts at Home Conference Workshop 2

  The second workshop I attended while away at the Hearts at Home Conference was 31 Days to a Happier Husband. I’m still working my way through the book that Arlene Pellicone wrote. I love that it is just a small chapter to read every morning. It’s easy to fit into my morning routine because it […]

MMM: Hearts at Home Conference Workshop 1

If you’re just stumbling along and found yourself here, I’m doing a series of posts on my trip to the Hearts at Home Conference. In order to keep the posts somewhat short, I wanted to make it a series. I hope this series helps to motivate you to work for your marriage and not just […]

Defining Balance

You may find yourself asking yourself regularly, “How do I achieve balance in my life?” Well the answer is subjective. First you have to define what balance is to you. Balance is the cumulative level in which you choose to live in all the different areas of your life. What does this mean? So what […]

MMM: Hearts at Home Conference

As a parent, you need to get away from time to time to regain some sanity. Last weekend I attended the Hearts at Home Conference in order to reconnect with God, my Sanity, and to help me be a better wife and mother when I got home. I didn’t really know what to expect when […]

Reading List for April

As April comes closer, I am pulling together a list of books I want to finish before the end of the month. Once I finish a book I will give you a review here on our site to let you know if you should check it out and how it will relate to your journey […]

MMM: Words are Powerful Tools

Sometimes as married couples we hold “I love you” away from our spouses as a punishment. For example, there are times that I will call to check in with Charlie to find out when he will be home from work. He tells me he’s running late and it makes me mad. As we hang up, […]